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Things to do in Lockdown to Beat the Boredom

Things to do in lockdown to beat the boredom:

We hope everyone is staying safe and sane. Following the Government update which announced a further 3 weeks being added onto lockdown, we thought we would share some resources to keep you busy during your time at home. Hopefully, it does not trail on much longer and we can all reunite with our friends, family and colleagues soon!

For the time being though, it is important we listen to the Government advice and try to find the silver lining as far as possible and spend our free time recentering, refocusing, and learning some new skills. So, in this month's newsletter, we shared activities to keep everyone busy and also some great free resources which our team have been using to try and maintain mental and physical wellbeing.

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Learn a new language

With Duolingo, you can learn a new language at your own pace using their app which is available on the Apple App Store and Play Store. The app has over 30 languages on offer and counting, including Scottish Gaelic! The best part is that you receive immediate grading and the app adapts to your personal learning style by making use of a range of delivery methods including visual, pronunciation and multiple choice. Click here to get started for free!


Practice yoga online

Trying yoga doesn't have to be daunting or expensive - there are plenty of Youtube based yoga instructors that teach for all experience levels. Our favourite is yoga by Adriene. Practicing yoga really allows you to take a moment to breathe, work on your fitness and relax. At a time like this, what's more important than looking after yourself? Click here to get started in the  comfort of your own home.


Get lost in a good audiobook

Why not switch up your usual reading style and try an audiobook? Audible have a number of great discounts available at the moment to get you started. Take your choice from over 200,000 audiobooks while you take your daily exercise, cook, clean or when you're unwinding in the evenings! We've found this the perfect companion while working from home. Click here to claim one of the many discount codes available!


Work your way through a '101 things to do during lockdown' list

As a last resort to keep yourself busy if you're not into any of the above ideas, you can always refer to this '101 things to do during lockdown' list. From planting vegetables to decluttering your home- we're sure you'll find at least one thing to keep you busy! Click here to read.


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