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Student Flats - FAQs

Student Flats - All the most commonly asked questions tenants ask!


Do I have to move in on the availability date?

The availability date is when the landlord is ideally looking for the lease to start. There is a small possibility that the availability could be later than advertised, however this would be a maximum of a week.

What is my deposit and where does it go?

Your deposit is a one-off payment and will be held in Safe Deposit Scotland in line with Scottish Law. If your property is handed back in the same condition you received it minus "fair wear" then you will receive your full deposit back. For more information, please see Safe Deposit Scotland website.

What is a joint tenancy?

You will all be signing a joint and severally liable tenancy meaning that you will all be equally responsible for the property and all other aspects of the let. Furthermore, any decision you make regarding the property must be a group decision and we will contact all tenants to provide them information on the property.

How do I apply for student flats?

On your viewing confirmation email, you will receive a weblink which will divert you to our “Make an Application” page on our website. From here, we ask for basic confirmation from you and your group. Once submitted, we present these to the landlord and let you know their response. This usually takes 1 or 2 days. From here, the successful party will be sent application links which must be filled out by each party within 2 working days and pay £100 per person (this is taken from your overall deposit). Once this has been completed, yourselves and any guarantors will be put through our referencing procedure with your lease being sent after its completion if successful.

What paperwork do I need?

Initially you will be required to fill out your basic information using the hyperlink provided in your viewing confirmation email. Once you are put forward for refencing you will be required to provide documents/ information such as photographic ID, proof of address, landlord reference and proof of studies. Upon filling out your applications, you will be sent exact details.

What comes with student flats?

Unless otherwise stated in the listing, all properties will be let fully furnished meaning there will be basics; ie bed, clothes storage facilities, sofa etc. There will be no kitchenware included in the property or bedding/ towels. Kettles, toasters and lamps may also not be included. If you are attending a property which is currently tenanted, then please be aware tenants may have added their own items which will be removed upon your tenancy commencing. A full property inventory will be taken before the tenancy has started which will be sent to you when your tenancy commences.

What is a Guarantor?

A guarantor is a third party, such as a parent, close relative, guardian, a person prepared to substitute for parent or a close relative who agrees to pay rent if the Tenant does not pay it and meet any other obligations that the Tenant fails to meet. The Landlord can take legal action to recover from a guarantor all payments of rent, any other obligations under this Agreement, and any other payments due to the Landlord which the Tenant is required to pay under this Agreement.

Do I need a Guarantor and what can I do if I do not have one?

Most applicants for student flats must provide a UK Guarantor. This is a UK homeowner whose monthly income must be minimum 3 times your share of the rent. Your Guarantor will have to undergo referencing, provide certain documents which they will contact about beforehand and will be required to sign the lease agreement.

If you are unable to provide a UK based Guarantor then you must pay 6 months of your share of the rent in advance on a continuous basis.

Will the landlord remove furniture?

Please request this at the same time as you give us your initial information and we can approach the landlord with them. The landlord will of course consider your request however they are not obligated to carry out. Confirmation of this will be sent to you all typically by email.

Are there desks in student flats?

Desks are not automatically included in our properties. It is down to the individual landlords as to how they furnish the property. Requests can be made however there is no guarantee, and the landlord is not obligated to provide them. It is strongly recommended you ask in advance of your lease commencing if your property comes with desks.

Is “this” going to be sorted by the time I move in?

All properties are fully inspected upon the tenancy commencing and any outstanding maintenance will get addressed during this time. If for whatever reason it is not complete by the time your tenancy is due to start, then you are given advance warning of this. As a tenant you will have access to our online reporting, Fix-Flo system which will allow you to report any maintenance issues so that we can get address them in good time.


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