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Stay warm this winter

With the cold winter nights closing in it can be tempting to throw on a couple of extra layers and hide underneath a blanket to avoid those costly central heating bills. While extra layers is a sound strategy, there are plenty of other cost effective tricks at your disposal. Here are some of our favourite tips for keeping your flat warm this winter.


Always be prepared

Do you tend to turn the heating on full power when you get up in the morning? Try setting it on a timer to come on thirty minutes before your alarm at a lower temperature. Not only will this make the horrific experience of pulling back the covers easier to bear, it will also save you money. Did you know boilers heat up at a constant speed regardless of the set temperature? Research has also shown that turning the dial down by 1°C can reduce your energy bill by 10%.

Forget Feng Shui

To maximise the heat retention in your flat, you may need to reconsider where you put the furniture. Sofas and arm chairs in front of radiators, for example, could be absorbing their heat meaning there is less to go around. The same can be said for curtains and (unfortunately) your clothes that you want to keep toasty before heading out to that early morning lecture.

Behind the curtain

Leave your curtains or blinds open during the day as this will allow the natural (free) heat to enter your flat. However, once the sun sets remember to close them again as this will help to retain the heat. Similarly, keeping doors of unused rooms closed prevents cold air spreading into the rest of the flat. This effect can be further improved by the use of a draught excluder.

Now we’re cooking

Another neat little trick is to leave the oven door open after cooking. It may not seem like much but this extra warmth can really help to heat up the kitchen meaning there’s no excuses not to do the dishes after your meal. Just make sure you don't trip over it while it’s open!