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Should I Use A Letting Agency To Manage My Property?

If you are asking yourself ' Should I use a letting agency to manage my property? ' , then request a free rental valuation by clicking here!

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Many new landlords find themselves asking ‘Should I use a letting agency to manage my property?’ or independently manage it themselves before changing their mind later down the line when it all becomes a juggling act with their existing working schedules and lives. Below we have highlighted 5 questions you should ask yourself before becoming a landlord in Edinburgh.


  1. Do I have the time to tend to ongoing maintenance concerns?


Whether tending to small tedious jobs like unclogging toilets and fixing broken light switches or larger jobs like fixing a weather-torn roof that is leaking into your property or repairing a broken boiler, managing a rental property yourself can be a very time-consuming and stressful job!

If you find yourself asking ' Should I use a letting agency to manage my property? ' you will be happy to hear Cullen Property have fast and efficient response times to problems just like this. It is our full-time job to maintain properties, and we do so with pride and as if they were our own. Our dedicated team of property managers and suppliers ensure your properties are managed to the highest standard which ensures happy tenants and fair treatment. Take a look at this glowing review below!

“Couldn’t fault the way they handled any maintenance issues we encountered and did give us plenty of notices on any inspections or contractors arriving at the property”


Do you have time to manage your property yourself? Do you have time to manage your property yourself?


  1. Can I keep up with changing legislation and ensure compliance?


All too often, private landlords face fines and first tribunal court action. Why? Because keeping up with constantly changing legislation is a lot of work and requires expert knowledge. With the introduction of new laws surrounding private residential tenancies and the inevitable government clamp-down on short-term lets, long-term letting with a reputable and informed letting agency proves itself to be the most sensible option.

If you question ' Should I use a letting agency to manage my property? ' you can be assured Cullen Property’s expert staff with local knowledge of the private residential sector will keep you informed of changes that need to be made to the property to maximise rental yield and to keep it compliant! Managing an HMO property yourself comes with an extra set of challenges. At Cullen Property, we pride ourselves on our strong track record of transforming properties into HMO compliant homes and managing these to a high standard as a letting agency.


“They are a highly professional organisation and take care of all aspects of running our properties, including all maintenance, legislative and compliance issues.”


Property legislation Property legislation


  1.  Can I find and retain high-quality tenants in light of the indefinite tenancy regulations?


Finding reliable and mature tenants is a battle when managing your property. With the introduction of private residential tenancy legislation (PRT), there is now no guaranteed duration a tenant will choose to stay in your rental property. That’s why having Cullen Property on your side to actively market and secure tenants for your property makes all the difference. We maintain close relationships with Edinburgh University Student Association and other local universities and rent to reliable professionals and students who we know can keep your property in tiptop condition. We also have in-house marketing services which allow us to give the extra push some properties might need to minimise void periods too!


new property legislation new property legislation


  1. Do I have time to arrange viewings and can I welcome the tenants to the property with ongoing customer service?


Arranging viewings with the busy professionals and students of today is a tricky one when you work a full-time job or have other commitments! This is why we have a team of dedicated people who prioritise your property and organise viewings to secure tenure for your property. Also, there are often teething periods where the tenant will likely have many questions at the beginning of tenancies – often technical ones - surrounding their new homes. Cullen Property provide a personal introduction to the property for your tenants by welcoming them with a guided walkthrough which allows us to address many of these questions and concerns face to face. We do this because we believe it is important our tenants feel happy and that happy tenants who are familiar with their property managers call our properties home for longer.


“The staff are helpful and easy to liaise with if you have any queries. Really great company to let from.”


tenant enquiries tenant enquiries

  1.    How can I be sure I am lawfully handling deposits and that any damage to my property is accounted for?


Handling deposits is a grey area for many DIY landlords which often results in difficult to resolve disputes between the tenants, parents of the tenants and the landlord. Difficult to find consensus, these disagreements can sometimes land you in awkward situations with third-party adjudicators. At Cullen Property, our dedicated finance team with a proven track record working with deposits maintain relationships with Safe Deposit Scotland so that all deposit holding is compliant and fair. Our team explains clearly and professionally to anyone that disputes a claim why deductions have been made and we always refer back to our in-depth inventory checks our property managers conduct.

tenancy deposits tenancy deposits

If you are still asking yourself ' Should I use a letting agency to manage my property? ' , then request a free rental valuation by clicking here! 


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