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Nifty new maintenance reporting procedure

Everyone has to deal with maintenance issues in their property from time to time - the water is suddenly only running cold or scalding hot, the boiler isn’t working or the sink is blocked. Whatever the problem, as a busy tenant we’re here to help and it’s always easier to report it than to try fix it yourself!

Why report an issue?

Sometimes the task of reporting it slips away from you; you say you’ll call in the morning but then you’re running late for class. Don’t pay for a problem that can be fixed! If you don’t report a maintenance issue immediately then you are at risk of letting the problem get worse - the equipment or fabric of the property could be permanently damaged and you may be liable to pay for the damage that could have been prevented, so we always recommend making reporting a problem a priority.

Where do I report an issue?

Our innovative new system makes reporting much simpler and easier for tenants to inform us of any issues. You no longer have to call our office to report any maintenance issues. Now all repairs must be reported via our website in a nifty new section, in just a few minutes. However, if you require an emergency repair, please call the relevant number immediately. A full list of emergency numbers can be found on our website here.

How do I report an issue?

The link can be found either on the homepage or in the tenant section of the website. Once you’ve found the link, click on it and follow the instructions, making sure that all of the relevant questions are answered to avoid any unnecessary call out costs. Try to include as much information as possible when you fill out the form such as descriptions of the room the problem is in, the make and the model number (if relevant) and the type of problem - this will make it much easier for the problem to be fixed. You even have the option of taking a photo of the issue!

Once you have filled out all of the details just submit the form and that’s the problem reported. You’ll receive an email shortly after acknowledging your submission which should be kept for your records. We will handle all the necessary arrangements and make sure your requested repair is carried out.


We’d love to have your feedback on this new system to ensure it’s answering all your maintenance needs or whether any improvements are needed. Please email and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.