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Keeping warm this winter

The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder which means it’s time to put the heating on. We’ve developed a range of tips to keep you and your home toasty this winter whilst keeping your electricity costs down.

Check your radiatorskeeping warm this winter photograph

Air can sometimes get into the radiator system and if it does, you’ll notice that it is warm at the bottom and cool at the top.  If this happens then let us know and we can arrange to have the system bled again.

Consider where your furniture sits

It might sound bizarre, but the placement of your furniture can determine how the heat in your home is absorbed. If your sofa is against a radiator, then it’s probably going to collect most of the heat.

Prevent condensation

Moisture in the air from showers, kettles and even breathing will form on cold surfaces when the temperature is low.  Keep windows vented and wipe off any excess condensation before it goes mouldy. Also, leave an air gap between beds and wardrobes etc. and any external walls as mould will grow behind these if there is not enough space for air to circulate. Also, don’t overfill wardrobes as this can allow mould to grow on clothing.

Keep the heating on

Keeping the heating on low, especially if you will be leaving the flat for a few days, can help prevent frozen or burst pipes. Turn the valves on the radiators down to the * symbol which signifies that it will come on before it reaches freezing temperature, but remember to leave the heating on the ‘auto’ setting so that the boiler will still come on if it gets that low!

Only heat the rooms you need

Turn off the radiators in any rooms that aren’t used often, such as a spare room, to avoid wasting gas or electricity. And remember to keep the door closed and used a draught excluder at the bottom of it.

Make sure you have a mattress protector

Did you know a large amount of heat is lost through your mattress? A mattress protector can help retain some of that heat. And, don’t forget to use your thick and cosy winter duvet!

Invest in a hot water bottle

Hot water bottles are saviours for those of us experiencing a Scottish winter! Not only are they cheap to purchase but, apart from boiling water, they don’t run up any electricity costs. Heating your bed with a hot water bottle can keep you warm enough throughout the night without needing to turn the heating on.

Wrap up

Could you put on a jumper? Snuggle on the couch with a blanket? Putting the heating on can often be a source of arguments in many shared flats, so make sure you have done all you can to keep warm before hitting the thermostat switch.