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How Cullen Property is helping students get the flat they want

Edinburgh seems like a city designed for students with its world-class universities and colleges, beautiful setting, and vibrant cultural and social scene. Architecturally, it also has an unusually strong emphasis on large and beautiful flats, however, the high student population means that competition for private student accommodation is intense.

It's February, which means that the bulk of student properties are going on the market. So, how do you secure the flat you want?

In an attempt to make viewings as smooth and fair as possible – even when large numbers of students are interested in a property - Cullen has devised a new system.

Anyone interested in a property is invited to an open viewing, meaning that there aren’t large queues of anxious students waiting on the pavement outside. Those students who want to register their interest in the property formally can wait behind at the end of the open viewing and ask for their group to be entered into a ballot. We draw a first, second and third place group. The first group is asked to make their way to the Cullen office within the following hour and pay the £100 per tenant deposit. If they are unable to do this, the second group is contacted and assumes the right to take the property instead.

The open viewing coupled with a ballot system is the best solution we’ve come up with so far. It saves students queuing either at the flat or at our offices; it prevents a mad (and potentially dangerous) rush back to the office from the viewing; it allows the students to take their time to see the flat and to ask any questions. Above all, it is fair and impartial.

Crucially, feedback from the students who have attended viewings with the ballot system has been very supportive of the method.  Even those who didn’t get the flat they viewed have been very complimentary about the system being employed.

The £100 deposit we ask of each tenant then forms part of their deposit for the flat. It is refundable so if they pull out at a later date they receive it back.

Good luck in securing the flat you want! For full information on our student lettings application process, please click here. If you have any questions about your student let, please get in touch on t. 0131 221 1818, e. tw. @cullentenants