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Checking in to your Cullen Property

At this time of year many of you will be looking forward to moving into your new Cullen Property home. We want to make your Cullen Property experience as smooth, enjoyable and as stress free as possible from day one.


Prior to moving into your property, you will receive an email from our Contracts team confirming your lease check-in date.

You do not have to move into the property on this date, you can move into the property anytime after this date during Monday – Friday 9 – 4pm. Even if just one person from your group wants to move in from day 1, we can make sure our team is available to make your check-in experience as easy as possible. Please let us know if you would prefer a morning or afternoon appointment – we want to work with your best availability.

Email to arrange your check-in appointment.

**Please note that your check-in appointment will NOT be confirmed until the lease has been fully signed, all guarantor forms have been completed and all payments received.**


You will be met at your new Cullen Property home by your own dedicated Property Manager at the appointed date and time. Your Property Manager will be your first point of contact in relation to any queries with your property – this is a great opportunity to get to know your Cullen Property point of contact.

Check-in Details

Many of you will be excited to get moved in, start planning your interior design decorations and wanting to start making your property feel like home. However, it is important that you take your check-in appointment as an opportunity to make sure you understand how everything works in the flat and that you are completely happy with the condition of the property you are moving into. Your Property Manager will do a walk-through tour of the property with you, showing you how everything in the property works, taking any necessary check-in property photography and answering any queries you may have.

Check-in Inspection

As well as being an opportunity for you to understand the workings of the property this is also yours and your Property Managers opportunity to fully inspect and photograph the property. The property will have been deep cleaned prior to your arrival and any maintenance issues should have been attended to before you move in. However, if you do notice something you are not quite happy with – please raise this issue with your Property Manager, we will record the issue and raise a maintenance report to get this attended to as soon as possible. **Please note – we expect the property to be left in the same condition you moved into. Otherwise deductions will be taken off your deposit!**

Check-in Queries

Rack your brains for things you want to ask your Property Manager upon checking into the property – no questions are silly, and we are here to help! The most common type of questions our team gets asked is anything from;

  • Can I put pictures/posters onto the walls?

You can! We want you to make your new flat feel like home. However, we would advise against using blue-tac. This is incredibly difficult to remove from the walls and can cause damage. It will be your responsibility to make sure the walls are left in the same condition as they were in upon your arrival.

  • How does the heating work?

You will be shown this during your check-in appointment by your Property Manager.

  • How does the utility bills and direct debit work?

All the utility bills and direct debit will be set up in your names upon checking into the property. Your Property Manager will take a meter reading at your check-in appointment so that any bills from this date will be directed to you.

  • Can I move furniture around in the property?

You can move the furniture in the property. However, please make sure the furniture is replaced to where it was upon your arrival and no damage is made to the property during this process, otherwise you will be liable.

If you want more information regarding your check-in please give us a call on 0131 221 1818 or email;