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Alcohol Free Activities in Edinburgh

While it can be fun to go out drinking with your friends, especially during Freshers week when you may just be getting to know new classmates or even new flat mates, it is important to give your body a rest every once in a while with alcohol free activities in Edinburgh. We have therefore compiled a few suggestions for days and nights out that you and your friends can enjoy without having to worry about the dreaded hangover the next day.


Board Game Cafes

This may be new to some of you, but board game cafes are a fun, affordable way to spend an afternoon. In the centre of Edinburgh you will find two such cafes (Noughts and Coffees and Games Hub) that boast a countless selection of games ranging from beginner-friendly casual games you will recognize from childhood, to die hard role-playing games and everything in between. For as little as £2.50 per person, you can get a hot drink and play games for as long as you like (or at least until closing time). This is a great way to spend time with friends on the cheap, but we recommend staying away from Monopoly. That never ends well! Similarly, retro gamers will enjoy the small but eccentric Wings diner located just off the Cowgate as downstairs plays host to an archive of old games consoles complete with all the classics.


Escape Rooms

Over the last couple of years, escape rooms have become incredibly popular and after recently trying out one ourselves, we understand why. Working together to solve puzzles and escape before the time runs out can be quite thrilling and is a great way to get to know new people in a friendly but sometimes challenging environment. A quick Google of escape rooms in Edinburgh will show you there are plenty to choose from and if you can get a group of friends together it can cut the cost down considerably. We can recommend Exit Plan Edinburgh as we escaped the Tesla Cube in 51:08, think you can do better?


Cinema Trips

There’s nothing better, than getting a few friends together and heading off to your local cinema, which in Edinburgh, you will have plenty to choose from. So, whether you prefer to see your blockbusters on the big screen or if you prefer your independent films in an atmospheric theater, Edinburgh can cater for your needs with the usual Odeon and Vue as options but also some boutique cinema experiences including the well-loved independent Dominion and Cameo cinemas always worth a visit. Better yet, all of the cinemas in Edinburgh will give you student discount on your tickets when you present your student card. Of course, if you prefer a more intimate setting, why not have a movie night in your new Cullen Property home? Invite some friends round, put some popcorn in the microwave and enjoy a cheap night in. With the most recent remake of Halloween coming up, why not make it a horror film special?



Another great night out is bowling and Edinburgh plays host to two great bowling alleys. Both Tenpin and World of Bowling have bargain days which are very affordable as they offer several deals in which groups can rent a lane for couple of hours at very low prices. Some of these deals even include food and soft drinks and if that’s not enough they also have other facilities like pool tables and arcade machines to keep everyone (even the losers) happy.


We hope you enjoy these alcohol-free activities in Edinburgh!


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